Fairy Shanakee and The Pixies
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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A delightful, spellbinding 40min stage show featuring Fairy Shanakee and her two pixie friends, Moss Green and Sunny Ray, in which all three characters play live instruments on stage. This quirky gang will have young audiences transported into a magical fairytale reality, captivated by their cute and catchy song and dance. A hit for the 2-7 age group and a perfect performance for an outdoor stage, large performance space or intimate indoor setting.

In the land of the fairies, Fairy Shanakee discovers a magical mushroom ring which enables her and her pixie friends to travel to the land of the children. Queen fairy Una grants Fairy Shanakee permission to enter the land of the children, on the condition that she return and tell her the story of her adventures. To ensure she returns with the perfect story, Fairy Shanakee always collects a little something on her adventure and stores it in her secret memory pouch. For every memory stored in her secret pouch, a song, game or magical tale waits to be shared…

“Fairy Shanakee and The Pixies” is a kaleidoscope of stories, told through song, taken from Fairy Shanakee’s adventures. The show is a magical interactive journey, exploring friendship, the sharing of differences and most importantly, cherishing and passing on happy memories.

Fairy Shanakee and The Pixies are also available as roving entertainment. This stunning and vibrant spectacle will create lasting memories with their:

  • Crowd pleasing tunes and witty ditty’s from the fairy realm.
  • Audience games, mischief and crowd participation.

Fairy Shanakee offers a variety of children’s entertainment options. We are more than happy to customize these to meet your individual budget and event requirements. All our performers are experienced industry professionals and are covered with public liability insurance and the Victorian police ‘working with children’ check.

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