Kids Dance Zone
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Learn to dance disco style with professional dance choreographer Jacquie McIntosh and Wally the Water Dude from Kids Dance Zone. Kids can have fun and get active while learning a disco dance routine. Alternatively clients can have a tailor made dance routine choreographed and taught in their choice of dance styles. Suitable for all ages and ability levels, the Kids Dance Zone dance sessions are a great addition to community events, expos, promotions and school programs.

Team Profile

1. Dance Instructor/Choreographer- Jacquie Mcintosh

Jacquie is a professional choreographer with 20 years dance industry experience. She has worked extensively in the corporate sector as a dance consultant and facilitated dance workshops for adults and kids. She has a real knack for choreographing routines that non dancers can master and even look like pros!

2. Wally the Water Dude - Jacquie's assistant and audience motivator!

Wally, a seven foot tall inflatable mascot is operated by Jane O'Brien, a qualified physical education teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. Wally was developed back in 1999 in response to the growing problem of childhood obesity. Ever since Wally has been educating and entertaining kids at kindergartens, schools, community events and even in the corporate sector. Wally has 10 years performing experience and even successfully completed a semester in dance while at college and that is quite an achievement for someone who can't even see his own feet!


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