Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Max the Magician is a great entertainer for private or corporate functions. He is happy to intrigue children and mystify adults. Max, also known as Gary Johnson, draws on more than two decades of magical experience at every performance. Max provides a wonderful stage show to large audiences or is just as comfortable roaming through a cocktail or restaurant crowd leaving guests fascinated by his close-up magic. 
Max the Magician’s party show lasts for 1 hour and includes a 45 minute magic show and then 15 minutes of balloon sculpturing.It consists of various routines, which involve the children as helpers. The birthday child is the prime focus of attention and he or she receives a photo, card and a present that is given magically in one of the routines. The show includes a 10 minute routine done to music. He produces a live bunny in one of the routines which also includes a little storytelling. Each child receives a colouring sheet and a balloon animal. With all the different routines that Max performs, a total of about 15 children help him. The show is entertaining for the adults as well and you are quite welcome to video the whole show. Even the adults will not be able to work out how he achieves 95% of the show! Over $5000 worth of special props are used in the show and it can be performed in your lounge room. Max uses a cordless headset microphone with his specially designed PA system and can cater for up to 200 children easily when doing corporate events.
Gary Johnson, as Max the Magician, can really help you get your message across by the deft use of magic tricks which have been tailored to suit your specific message. Every executive has experienced the problems associated with motivating staff . Explaining why a system must be introduced and operated successfully can be a daunting exercise if there is resistance within the workforce. A little magic blended with a little humour can help no end. And at Sales Conferences, where egos reign supreme, a new product or service can be presented in an innovative way using Gary Johnson’s skills. Probably the most important issue is that Gary is quite prepared to modify his wide range of tricks to suit any particular environment or circumstance. Just call him and arrange to meet and discuss your needs. The costs of developing a Max the Magician could be far less than you imagine and the benefits to your company could be invaluable.
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