Groovy Face
Location: Point Cook, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Miss Groovy Face is a magical face painting fairy who loves singing , dancing and most of all her Jack Russell Terrier, Radical Ralphy. Together they join forces with their friends Dab Dab, Splash and Yo-Yo to encourage children to exercise, dance and sing to Groovy Face original tunes and some well known kids songs.  Miss Groovy Face also teaches and encourages children to care for their pets at home.  

Radical Ralphy is a mischievous super Jack Russell Terrier that is Miss Groovy Face's beloved sidekick. He is courageous and unstoppable with a fearless personality that oozes confidence. He loves children, dancing, playing outdoors, sleeping and most of all, he love's treats! You will have loads of fun with Radical Ralphy dancing away to our Groovy Face tunes.

Miss Dab Dab is a magical girl who loves the colour Yellow and enjoys playing with Ralphy. She loves dancing, painting and having lots of fun with her friends.  

Miss Splash loves the colour Blue and enjoys splashing around having fun dancing and singing to music. She especially loves teaching children how to dance and entertains by showing off her latest dance moves with Yo-Yo. 

There is never a dull moment when Yo-Yo is around and he loves the colour Red.  He dances, sings and adores music.  Yo-Yo will teach you some awesome dance moves. 

Groovy Face's Live show gives children the opportunity to be educated in interactive ways, as well as sending happy and positive messages to the audience. Not to mention they will have a ball! 

30 minute duration. 

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