Princess Bella
Location: Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula
Country: Australia

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"Crooooaaaakkk!!!! Oh, do excuse me!!"

As in every fairytale there is a problem. Princess Bella forgot to use her manners when speaking to a witch and now she's had a spell cast on her that keeps turning her into a horrible toad!!!!

She'll need the birthday Princess and all the other Maidens & Knights in shining armour to help her break it........ by dancing!!!! To avoid turning into a toad every night she must dance with another true princess just one more time, and hopefully the princess is your birthday girl.

Based on a simple dance class for young children, Princess Bella will guide everyone through her dancing fairytale adventure to be ready for Prince Charming at day's end. A true fairytale adventure, Cinderella never had this much fun!!!

 The party includes:

  •  A one hour fully interactive show put together entirely by qualified teachers (longer if requested);
  • The character "Princess Bella" in full princess costume with crown, diamond ring and ball gown (as above);
  • A birthday present for the birthday Princess;
  • Two original interactive songs that the children can sing and dance along with (the performer brings her own stereo);
  • A short dance class;
  • 1 game;
  • Scripted interactive fairytale story-telling throughout;
  • 1 colouring sheet for each child (the performer brings colouring pencils);
  • 1 lollypop for each child;
  • Princess Face Painting Cheek Art for each child;







Appropriate Age - Girls 3 - 8 y.o. and boys 3 - 6 y.o.

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