Rachel Bradley
Location: Cairns
Country: Australia

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Rachel Bradley - Face Painting & Body Art

When she is not painting faces at the football and other sporting and corporate events, she works as a classifieds telephone sales executive for Gig Guide/Live Theatre. She paints flags, footballs and even the prancing Ferrari horse on the faces of enthusiastic fans. Rachel graduated in theatre production from the Victorian College of the Arts. She started her face painting career as a stage manager at the Draculas theatre restaurant. "Someone pulled out of the show and since they knew I could sing I auditioned and was given the job as cast. performer," she says. "I went from overalls to underalls minute sequined costumes and vampire makeup." The owners of the restaurant put Rachel through a makeup course and she continued to do creative makeup for them for the next seven years. The birth of her daughter led her into children's face painting and working in corporate entertainment. One job required Rachel to replicate a paint company's textured paint on a g-string model. "While the executive did the presentation I painted the model on stage," she says.

"The company originally wanted to paint the model with their own paint, but 1 talked them out of it. "This type of presentation allows conference members to stay interested in the product at a time when many will have become bored."

Some of Rachel's many clients include TAC, the Grand Prix, the Melbourne Aquarium and BMW. She has also painted Essendon footballer James Hird as Darth Maul and created removable corporate tattoos for real estate agents.

But Rachel's most enjoyable moments come from working with children at family days. "Paint a child as a butterfly or tiger and they adopt the character immediately, " she says. "It's a time for children to play out their imagination.

"Face painting, body art and temporary tattooing are becoming popular as a means of promotion and entertainment for family days, corporate functions and sporting events."

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