Santa Betty's
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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  Santa Betty's      
 The Santa Betty’s are an a cappella group accomplished in Christmas carolling.  All members of the Santa Betty’s are professional singers and actors and have performed internationally and nationally with various musical acts. We truly are atmosphere creators with fun and happiness and bring out the spirit of Christmas. We sing everything from the traditional carols such as Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful, to the kiddie sing-alongs like Rudolph and Jingle Bells and also the groovy versions of many a carol such as Blue Christmas and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. We do a variety of styles from jazz to pop and all the beautiful sounds in between.
Please note we are strictly an a capella duo or trio. With beautiful harmonic singing.  We are most suited as wandering minstrels; to conferences as greeters in a foyer, or background music to a dinner.  We can also be booked to sing at concerts where we would be miked and on a stage. However this is not a musical show and should not be booked as a concert to be watched for a long period of time. It is a traditional carolling act and should be treated as such. It would not, for example be suitable for loud situations such as children’s fun parks. Having noted that, we would be perfect in a loud situation where it is understood that we are wandering carollers/minstrels and walking around to individual groups or tables.
We are perfect for shopping centre situations, where we would be booked as wandering minstrels around the space.  In this particular noisy situation we would be ideal.  We look lovely and Christmassy for these gigs, and if specifics are required this can be discussed and accommodated.
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