Santa Sisters Circus
Location: Wollongong, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Fun family friendly Christmas Circus Show includes Hula hoops, Unicycling, Juggling, Comedy Magic and audience participation. Meet Sant's sisters. It's a little known fact that santa has siblings, two sisters in fact! Santa's sisters are responsible for testing all the toys made at the north pole, and making sure they are sufficiently fun before the elves send them out on Santa's sleigh. Watch them test the hula hoops, trial one wheeled bikes and wrap presents for all the kids at Christmas and then help them decide how much fun these toys really are!


Show, Roving, Workshop or combination.

For roving performances Client provides:

Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable), and parking close to the venue for artists, a 15 minute break each hour.

In addition for stage performances, client provides

Flat floor stage: Minimum 3 x 5 x 4 meters (please specify actual size), 2 DI's right of stage for radio microphone (mini Jack/jack) and iPhone (mini jack), lighting.

Note performer can supply PA for additional fee.

Summary Time Price
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