Troubelles - Roaming Carollers
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

Travel Information:

Travel fees may be applicable if artists are travelling over 20KMs to performance venue.

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We provide between 2 to 10 highly trained, experienced singers roam the walkways of your venue performing heavenly carols in costume. Plenty of photo opportunities and client interaction will be had adding infinite charm, a magical atmosphere and plenty of whimsy to cultivate a fresh, exciting holiday experience.

Costumes you can select from include;

Magical elves (complete with sparkly skin and pointy ears!)


Sweet Carollers

Retro Carollers

Vintage Carollers 

Each booking will require;

Complementary parking to be provided

A private change room (toilets are not acceptable)

Fresh drinking water for bookings under 3hrs

Refreshments including food for bookings over 4 hrs

Summary Time Price

INDOOR PRICING: Perform in 40 Minute sets, 20 mins singing, 10 mins photo opportunities/Mingling and 20 mins off  on rotation for 3 hours.   Price is for 3 singers.  Fee negotiation is available for different number of performers. Please contact for more details. 3hr call minimum

3 hours Start From $895.00 Send Enquiry

We work in 40 minute sets, 20 mins singing, 20 mins photo opportunites and 20mins off. Price is for 3 Performers. Prices are different depending on the number of performers required. Please contact us for more information.

3 hours Start From $1,275.00 Send Enquiry