Abby Kelso - Circus Performer
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Abby is a versatile and energetic entertainer, suitable for a wide range of events. If you can imagine it, she can provide it! She performs stage acts and interactive roving through the crowd, doing hula hooping, trapeze, acrobatics, balloon twisting and face painting.
Abby has performed all around Australia and internationally. Her performances suit all sorts of events, including corporate functions, festivals and markets, and private or work functions. All performances, including costumes and theming, can be tailored to suit your event, or you can pick from a set of characters and themes, including beach girl, sailor, elegant, fairy, and fun/silly.
Abby is versatile and can perform at a range of events in many different styles. This is just a sample of her skills, and she is very willing to work with you to realise exactly what you are imagining for your event. So for anything circus related, don't hesitate to contact her!
  • For a stage performance, PA with song pre-arranged or ability to play song off a USB.
  • Minimum performance area 4m x 4m, with at least 3m height above.
  • A secure change room for getting ready, breaks, and leaving personal items/equiptment – please note that toilets are not acceptable.
  • Parking close to venue is preferred, but if not available the ability to drop equiptment off at the change room before parking is necessary.
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Roving performers move around an event interacting with guests. They are great for creating atmosphere and activation at a venue. I can use costume and character to match the theme and tone of any event. Some circus skills work particularly well as roving acts. These include:

  • Hula hoops – They are fun and energetic, and can be performed almost anywhere! Add LED hoops for an extra special glow effect. They work best for events with open spaces, such as shopping centre activations and outdoor festivals. LED hoops are also great for nightclub stage shows.
  • Acrobatics – the physical feats acrobats perform will astonish audiences. Acrobats can perform as duos or trios and can work with limited spacing. The only requirement is at least 4 meters of ceiling height. Our performers can even teach simple tricks to guests for a truly interactive experience. It works best for events with a large crowd as acrobatic performers can be seen from afar, and for events where a high level of audience interaction is needed.
  • Handstands and contortion – A roving act that takes up a small amount of space whilst still creating dynamic entertainment, I can find creative ways to use the furniture and architecture of your event venue. Alternatively for large events a podium can help a hand balance artists stand out from the crowd. This skill is perfect for corporate dinners, bars, and office parties.


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Ground acts are suited to stages where there are no aerial rigging points available, like at festivals, dinner functions, or community events. They are bright and engaging.

Hula hoops is a fast-paced act that is sure to engage audiences with a pumping sound track and ultra sparkle costumes. It can be performed as a solo or duo.

5 minutes Start From $765.00 Send Enquiry