Adelina Pinelli
Location: Rowville, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Running away to join circus school, Adele La Belle has been captivating her audiences with her hula hoops since 2006.  

This pin up cutie will leave you spinning. Combining acrobatic skill, incredible agility and a little va va voom!  

Miss La Belle spins her hoops effortlessly while performing acrobatic tricks adding more and more hoops as she goes.

Not only is Adele La Belle a hula hooping circus star she is also a well known Pin Up model and Pin Up Pageant competitor throughout Victoria,

She has performed on countless stages bringing her own brand of circus pinup and has managed to snag a few titles along the way!

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

Roving Requirments:
Must have at least a 10 minute break in between sets.  Sets can be 10,15,20 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes. 
Space required: Clean Flat floor with a minimum 3m height clearance- I can adapt pretty easily to most spaces but bear in mind that my Hula Hoops are approximately 95cm in diameter and I spin them on my arms, hands and feet etc so I do need some clearance around me.
A clean and quiet space for dressing room is required- a mirror is preferable.
Summary Time Price

1 Hour of Roving throughout crowd or in designated performance spots as discussed with client.

Sets can be 10,15,20 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes and must have breaks between sets.

1 hr Roving Set with adequate breaks. Start From $320.00 Send Enquiry