Aerial Manx
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Aerial Manx - The world’s most innovative and multiple-world-record-holding contemporary Sideshow performer. His show brings forward ground-breaking demonstrations in mind over matter and showcases incredible developments in extreme sword swallowing and the meditative circus arts.


In presenting his unbelievable talents, the show is complimented with comedy Contortion, biographical dialogue and captivating advanced Single Ball Contact Juggling.


Dubbed too dangerous for group performances and far too hardcore for Guinness Book of World Records, this mind-blowing performance is designed specifically to enthrall, entertain and open the eyes & minds of audiences.

Manx is the First Sword Swallower to Ever swallow two completely separate 2000Volt fragile glass Neon Tubes at the same time, one that glows red, and one that glows blue, other acts include Sword Swallowing, Fire Manipulation, Single Ball Crystal Manipulation, Aerial Hoop, and a wide variety of acrobatic skills.

Also performs a high skilled solo street show, and a high skilled duo street show with professional juggler/sword swallower, Gordo Gambsy, Finale' stunt, both Gordo and Manx swallow a sword each, and pass juggle six clubs fire torches between them. Manx is also part of the contemporary circus sideshow company "Opposable Thumbs", with Gordo Gambsy and Lilikoi Kaos. Opposable Thumbs specialize in unique presentation of a blend of old and new/original sideshow stunts, with high level circus skills. Manx has been taught 'Aerial Hoop' over two years by former Quidam Cirque Du Soleil Aerial Hoop performer, Holly Rollins.

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