Captain Finhead
Location: Wentworth Falls, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Captain Finhead...

Circus-stunt cabaret performer extraordinaire…

Finhead (Nellie) first encountered the circus arts in Spain in1992.

The rich eclectic culture of this world proved incredibly attractive, and from that pivotal moment he has been involved heart and soul in circus-based physical performance. For the next thirteen years he developed his uniquely humorous style and original circus stunts, amongst the most technically demanding and genuinely hazardous (to him!) acts ever seen on stage, cabaret or street, throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and Japan.

From balancing an axe on the chin whilst standing on a rola-bola 4 foot from the ground and simultaneously juggling three machetes, to blowing up a hot water bottle with his mouth until it bursts; playing a romantic tune on violin on one knee while balancing a rose on the nose, performing ‘lumberjack crunches’, sit-ups with an axe balanced on the chin, a stunt for which he is the world record holder, (or the extreme version, on a bed of nails!), Finhead is guaranteed to provide any audience at any event with amazement, delight and thrills.

Other skills include slack rope walking while juggling fire, knives or playing violin, body burning and fire eating, classy fire and fake fire poi to mesmerising music, balancing virtually any object from a teaspoon to a 10 metre pole, juggling almost anything, the list goes on…

Finhead’s latest incredible stunt involves riding the rola-bola on a 5 foot high double-story house of giant cards, balancing an axe, while juggling machetes. This act is completely original and unique, and stunning to experience.

The man with the world’s smallest wig, Finhead is the real deal for genuine risk circus stunt performance art.

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