Caterpillar German Wheel
Location: Northcote, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Crawl and eat and crawl and eat. These are the thoughts of our cute little caterpillar as she makes here way across the stage. She gobbles up her giant (German Wheel) apple whilst performing graceful tricks and when it’s all gone she falls asleep…or does she?
This act is a German Wheel act, based on the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. It is primarily a children’s act, though adults also enjoy it. The German Wheel has a red screen on one side that is in the shape of an apple. The performer (dressed as a caterpillar), performs acrobatic stunts on the wheel appearing and disappearing from behind the apple. This act is ideally suited to performances in schools. It is cute, easy to follow and it promotes healthy eating.








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