Location: Liechhardt, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Wherever, whenever Kira performs, her act is the stuff electricity is made of. To a slow sensuous bass beat or frenzied heavy metal, the hoops, one and than many, rotate, spin, twist and snake around Kira to a charmer-like magic. Lights flow up and down her body. They rise and fall and rise again seemingly controlled by wires attached to her writhing scantily clad body. Kira, in what will seem a whim and a wriggle, sends the coordinated disks spiralling into an orchestrated chaos and back again. They flow around her arms, neck, ankles regardless of what and where she extends and protrudes. And when the hoops slow down, her act subsides, the spotlight dims on a sense of having witness a primordial sensual rite.
Kira has been in demand to appear at (to name only a few)
Corporate events for Motorola and Sony
Opening of Complexes and Malls
Historical Events
Traditional Events
Nightclubs and Venues, RSL and Leagues Clubs across Australia
Resorts and Cruises.
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