High energy Hula Hoops
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Miss La-Tonya has been hula hooping for over ten years! Using up to seven hula hoops at once she will amaze audiences with her coordination and charm. 

This act is perfect for roving at outdoor events, and audience members can even have a  turn. For a special stage show LED hula hoops can be used for a cool glow effect. Acts can be costumed and choreographed to match the theme of your event, creating a truly personalised experience. 

Hula hoops are fun and always a crowd pleaser. 

Stage act technical rider

- Sound system with abilty to play track from phone or USB

- minimum 4 m x 4m stage/ dance floor with 4m of height 

- Change room/ green room (toilets are not acceptable) 

- If outside of Melbourne CBD parking close to the venue is required 

Summary Time Price

Hula hoop roving is eprfect for events with lots of space or for events with access to a podium/ raised stage. 

Roving allows performers to move around and fill a space as well as interact with guests. 

1 x 40 min set Start From $385.00 Send Enquiry

2 x 40minute sets over 2 hours

A great act that can move around to fill an entire event space. 

2 hours Start From $575.00 Send Enquiry

A fast-paced hula hoop perfromance choreographed to match the theme of your event. Perfect for conference openings, corporate dinners and large provate events.

6 minutes Start From $895.00 Send Enquiry