Location: Indooroopilly, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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HIGH TEA with BOOFF is a work of installation clown theatre. The show tours with its venue – a richly detailed lounge room replete with custom-made furniture, bespoke chandeliers, shared stories and piping hot tea. The work deploys auto-biographical storytelling and narrative-driven clowning. 

BOOFF is a regal, mischief-loving high-status impresario. Disarmingly charming and resplendent in full-face makeup and a tailored suit – he looks as if he may have sprung from a lost collaboration between Barry Humphries, Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton and Julian Clary. With a twinkle in his eye, a glint of mischief, perhaps even buffoonery... BOOFF wants you to love him, and he wants you to laugh with him as soon as you do. Physically and verbally ridiculous, BOOFF can't blend in, but then he doesn't really try.

Anchored in true shared stories, the audience experience is akin to a visit with your favourite aunt – a surreal tea party that's partly scripted and partly improvised. As a character, BOOFF is a larger-than-life personality whose company, all people are equal and equally worthy of reverence or ribaldry. The heart of the show's appeal is BOOFF - who is both other-worldly and transgressive, at once strong and vulnerable, uniquely himself whilst also emblematic of us all - in the way that actual clowns are reflective of the universal human condition. 


HIGH TEA with BOOFF has been created to service the festival, community, and corporate markets – globally – oscillating (depending on the audience) between a PG – R Rating. BOOFF resonates with various program platforms, from contemporary performance programs to queer, comedy, theatre, cabaret and arts festivals, to community and corporate events – even on a barge floating down the Brisbane River; the possibilities are limitless. 


The production is housed within an air-conditioned custom-built 20ft shipping container that expands to create a 6m x 5m venue. The container is a high-cube style unit - with extra height than standard - that has been richly transformed down to the finest detail. 


Humbly boasting a 151 SOLD OUT Performance Season across 5 Festivals in 2021/2022 – during the COVID19 Pandemic – BOOFF has returned from his holiday off the beaches of Barbados and is looking forward to hearing audiences once again exclaiming to their friends – "I Just Got BOOFF'D!"


"Such an amazing talent - BOOFF for Primeminister!"
Audience Member

"We went to HIGH TEA with BOOFF in Townsville with a group of 6 and had just a superb time!!! One of my friends on the walk home said she would die happy now that she has been BOOFFED!!!" 
Audience Member

"Simply wonderous! Stunningly dark, delightfully twisted with a hint of romance!" 
Audience Member


"HIGH TEA with BOOFF was an exceptional one-of-a-kind performance. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and one you won't soon forget! Definite must see for all festival goers."
The North Australian Festival Of Arts



The Mackay Festival of Arts
03/07 2023 - 09/07 2023



Circfest22 Meanjin
21/04 2022 - 24/04 2022


The North Australian Festival Of Arts

07/07 2021 – 11/07 2021

14/07 2021 – 18/07 2021

The Noosa Alive Festival

21/07 2021 – 24/07 2021

Cairns Festival

02/10 2021 – 05/10 2021

Redland Performing Arts Centre

02/12 2021 - 18/12/2021

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