Flip Ripley
Location: Cairns
Country: Australia

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A ' Comic Genius ',  he tells us,  as he stumbles out of sight.......

LOOK!!!!     Up in the Air!!!!!      It's not a Bird,  or a Plane  -  it's  Flip  !!!

American-Born    Comic Entertainer  will

Remove  Painful Facial Expressions .... without Surgery !


From his loved  Roving Characters....  to his Solo-Stage-Shows... Flip keeps them laughing with his   Magic, Circus-Skills, and Slapstick-Antics.         

A blend of  Vaudevillian-Style Comic Acting and Circus-Skilled Antics


Give Flip a diverse range of performance variations..... from small Corporate Magic Shows  and Private Parties....  to Festivals and Hollywood Stunt Shows !!!

A favorite Act through the years has been Flip’s “Pub-Routine”   ( a slapstick pantomime recreating the antics of Charlie Chaplin ).

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