Fritz Sandwich
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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By donning his red red nose, curly curly hair and delving into his bag of tricky tricks, the simple innocent joys of childhood are once again woken within him, to deliver gangs of giggles, loads of laughter and shiney smiley surprises.

Fritz's professional training in both Theatre and Music, allows his zany humour to bubble to the surface at the drop of a hat. Fritz's skills include ... magic, balloonology, juggling, music, bubbles, join in games, slapstick and a sprinkling of controlled mayhem, always served up fresh and tailored to the audience age group.

Fritz's antics are suitable for Children's Parties, Kindergartens, Shopping Centres and Social Clubs, well in fact anywhere wholesome fun is needed! When employing Fritz at an event you can rest assured that you will receive premium quality children's entertainment.

"What a Good Idea!"

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