Mish Mash the Clown
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Mish Mash the clown provides entertainment for birthday parties (from 3 to 110 years old and over), weddings, barmitzvahs, christenings, day care centres, company parties, festivals and anywhere else you wish.

Mish Mash provides a visual show full of silliness, clown magic (why is there an elephant on the ceiling?...) and lots of fun for all ages.  For the Under 5`s Mish Mash will bring along her pet monkey puppet.

Mish Mash can appear at your corporate or community event doing a show spot or simply roving around entertaining your guests.  When roving, Mish Mash can make balloon sculptures either walking amongst your guests, or up high on stilts - a larger than life spectacle!!

Some corporate clients to date include Darling Harbour Sydney, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Amway, Sydney Airport,  SBB Bahnhof Zürich, Earl Fiduciary Zürich and too many birthday parties to mention.

About Mish Mash the Clown
Mish Mash the clown is Michelle Seaton.  Michelle has been performing for the last 30 years.  She has entertained adults and children all over the world - from Australia to the UK, Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Germany, and Singapore.

Michelle trained in London at the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and in France with Pierre Byland and Nola Rae.  In Australia she trained at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne.

In Australia, Michelle works as a Clown Doctor (as Dr Mish Mash) in Sydney`s children`s hospitals for the Humour Foundation.

Relatively quite space where possible, with enough room for children to comfortably sit down on the floor in front of the performance area. Performance area should be minimum 3mx 3m

A private and secure change room is appreciated where possible, toilets are not ideal if they can be avoided. 

Summary Time Price

Very low tech, quick set up, requires only a few square metres to perform and a space for children to sit down, preferably on the floor in front of the performance area.  



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