Rollo The Clown
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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A great mix of Magic, Balloon Artistry, Comedy and lots of Fun. Comments:

"The most successful holiday promotions ever undertaken by Dreamworld. The clowns did a fabulous job & I was particularly impressed by your talent and skill"
 Fred Maybury, Marketing Director Dream World
"Rollo provided magic tricks, balloon art and revolving ladder performance. His ability to talk with the cordless mike while performing on the revolving ladder made the show a lot more enjoyable. Between shows Rollo roamed around the park with impromptu performances of his magic and wit"
Scott McKenzie Manager Greenhills Adventure Park SA
"Rollo is a very talented Clown in every sense of the word"
Margaret an Brian Tucker Puzzle Park SA
"Rollo is a very talented young man with an aptitude for entertaining. He is extremely good in the identity of clown/magician at our Saturday morning kids kapers"
JR Green Managing Director Sportsway Skating
"He (Rollo) is an extremely talented clown who captivates his audience completely for hours. Young children and teachers alike, watch spellbound by his entertaining act of magic, balloon artistry and hilarious routines.
Karen Dwyer Year 2 Teacher Raceview State School
"Ken (Rollo) is hard working and diligent, doing all that is asked of him and more, right down to falling from a high wire motor bike into a lake 6 meters below (even in winter months when the water is freezing)."
Peter Waller Circus Adventure SA
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