Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Monty Franklin - Biography
Monty first performed stand-up in 2003 at the Gold Coast Arts Centre after an alcohol induced evening resulted in him thinking he could make someone laugh. After realising that he did in fact make someONE laugh in the crowd, he decided to further pursue this idea of being a stand up comedian, despite the fact that he had very little experience in public speaking and would even get nervous ordering a pizza on the telephone. Even from a young age Monty would panic when it was time for reading out loud in class and his impending turn would cause him to freeze at the thought of the class’s reaction when his voice would break in the first syllable, so naturally a career in the most public arena for displaying these qualities was immanent. 
However the dream was put on hold for one year as Monty travelled overseas like so many have to “find himself”. Finding himself to be a bit of a dickhead he cut his overseas trip short and made his way back home to Melbourne where he again subjected himself to the public scrutiny involved with stand-up comedy.
He has now taken the idea of being a comedian too far and is a regular at all of the best Melbourne comedy clubs, as well as a regular MC/host and has also performed at a number of the best interstate venues including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. Despite his relatively short career, he has already been fortunate enough to support some of the biggest names in the country, including Dave Hughes, Greg Fleet, Chris Bennett, Dave Grant and Pommy Johnson to name a few.
Monty has appeared on T.V. a number of times performing stand up, as well as being interviewed before the 2006 Melbourne Comedy Festival. Performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2005,2006 and 2007, he had great success having a number of sold out shows.
Monty has also been involved in performing at a number of sporting clubs across the country with a group of his comedian mates, having very positive responses.
As well as stand-up Monty has been involved in a number of short films, as an actor, a writer and director, and had several small roles in a number of T.V. shows.
In 2005 Monty won first prize for his short story in the Tourism Australia Mpeg Promotions Competition, a national competition with hundreds of participants.
Monty has been involved in a number of areas including stand-up comedy, acting, writing, directing and modelling having worked for Fenton Stephens in a number of catalogues and magazine layouts.
Stand-up Comedy Competitions
  • You’ve Got To Be Joking Competition 2005 – Finalist
  •  Anglers Tavern Comedy Competition 2005 - Finalist
  • Green Faces Comedy Competition 2006 – Melbourne winner, national finalist
  • Comedy Knockout Competition 2006 – Runner up
  • Comics Lounge Stand-up Competition 2006 – Winner
  • Best of Green Faces Best Joke Competition 2006 – Winner

Live Performances

  • 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Monty McFly
  • 2006Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Eyecandy Show
  • 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Comics Lounge
  • 2003 – 2007 Countless appearances at comedy venues throughout the country
  • Champagne Comedy (stand-up)
  • Comics Box (interviewed)
  • Comics Lounge
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