Sam Simmons
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Sam is one of the most daring and unconventional comics in Australia, completely original and vastly absurd, he has one foot firmly planted into the soils of reality, and the other rooted deep into the psyche of being silly.
Sam is a multi award winning cult figure within the Australian comedy scene. He has collected awards and glowing reviews, and played to sell out houses with his solo Melbourne Comedy Festival shows Tales of the Erotic Cat in 2006, The Sex & Science of Boredom in 2007 and Where Can I Win a Bear Around Here? in 2008. Tales of the Erotic Cat picked up a prestigious nomination for the Barry Award for Most Outstanding Show and Where Can I Win A Bear Around Here? won the much respected Festival Director’s Choice Award.
Joyous on the radiowaves, Sam has made Triple J his own. 2008 saw him take over the helm of the Weekend Breakfast Show as well as popping up on the weekday Breakfast and Drive Shows with his mischievous antics.
Spreading further into the ABC, Sam is now a regular on JTV as a host, as well as creating his own sketches and interviewing the latest bands.
In 2007 Sam filmed a TV comedy pilot for the ABC, The Urban Monkey, and is currently in development for a full series due in 2009.
Quite simply there is no one else quite like him in the comedy world. Sam is the comic other comedians go to see.
Alongside his comedy, Sam has worked within animal enrichment at the Melbourne Zoo with elephants, seals, reptiles and small native mammals.
With just a couple of seasons under his performing belt, who knows where next his seed will sprout.
“When held against the rules of comedy super stardom, Simmons is a lawless gent
indeed. Through laughter he will seduce you into his dinky, intimate underside… If you’re looking for the best of the truly transgressive fest, Erotic Cat should be on your hit list.” The Age
“Here is one of those rare surreal comedians who doesn’t tell jokes and rely on observational humour. He’s just out there, in Sam Simmons land, a place so weird and wonderful he’s just bursting (in a nerdy bespectacled kind of way) to share it with the rest of us… check your sanity at the door and just laugh yourself silly.” The Adelaide Advertiser
“I am insisting that you must, must see this gorgeous fur-ball of a show… you will find yourself traipsing home after the show wondering how you lived your whole life without him and knowing you’ll never be the same again” InPress Magazine
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