Jo Stanley
Location: Melbourne

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Jo Stanley is a polished and professional communicator that can add a unique and entertaining ingredient to your program.

Jo Stanley specialises in the following areas:
Personal Brand – what it is, how to identify yours, how it can relate to and benefit your company’s brand, and how you can use your personal brand to build your success; and

Resilience – what it is, why we need it in our lives to enjoy sustained success, and how do we re-train our brains and behaviours to be resilient, thriving people.

Best known for having spent 10 years as one half of the top rating Melbourne Breakfast show, The Matt and Jo Show on Fox FM, Jo brings with her as a key note speaker great humour, an honest and open sharing of her many experiences in the media (both good and bad), and an insight into the following areas:

  • How to build a highly successful brand – At their peak, the Matt and Jo Show were the most listened to radio show in the country, spending a record 6 consecutive years at No 1. 
  • What makes a brand successful – Jo interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in the world, from Branson to Bieber, witnessing first hand their brands in action.
  • How to develop a Personal Brand within a large corporate brand environment, and how your Personal Brand benefits the organisation you work for
  • How to stand apart from your competition
  • How to grow and maintain a passionate and loyal audience
  • How to face daily challenges and adversities, and still thrive – Jo excelled in the cutthroat commercial radio environment, maintaining a consistently high performance regardless of professional or personal pressures
  • How to build self-esteem and confidence in your employees
  • How to thrive as a woman in a male dominated industry
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