Steady Eddy
Location: Brisbane

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Steady Eddy
The Comedy Legend, Steady Eddy
Often referred to as “The Bent Man of Comedy” Steady Eddy has been Australian comedy icon for over 20 years. Steady has won just about every accolade there is, an Aria Award, that’s right, an Aria Award, the prestigious Mo Award (twice), performing the invite only Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, LA Comedy Store and every country and town in between.
Comedian Steady Eddy will take you on a journey when things where a little bit more simple, like when a phone was just a phone. He will have you laughing, probably crying laughing in his original razor sharp style.
Recognised both for his original style and continuous flow of new material, no two Steady Eddy Comedy shows are ever the same, and for that matter, neither will you be after watching him.
Steady has the best comedy timing we have seen, ending a searing punch line with his trademark grin. Few comedians in the world are as well-loved as Steady Eddy, continuously packing theatres out from coast to coast for over 20 years.
Accolades -
• Countless television appearances (100 +)
• Aria Award – Best Comedy Album
• The Comedy Performer of the Year
• Edinburgh Fringe Festival
• Austrian Comedy Festival – Vienna
• Montreal Just for Laughs – Invite only
What They Say…
“He was a total success and have heard nothing but great feedback from staff and customers.
Even people who have never heard of him before (mainly young staff). It was a great weekend had by all.
We couldn’t have been happier.”
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