Albert Stone
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The stone statue stands alone beside his plinth, silent & motionless. Suddenly he winks. Then a slow wave. A cheeky smile appears on his face and quirky music fills the air. Albert's mission is to get back on his plinth, so at a snails pace his journey begins with many surprises along his way. This twenty minute show includes stone props, slow motion, magic and crowd participation. Albert is a charming character with a heart of stone and is perfect for Functions and Festivals anywhere in the world.

Interview with Albert. Professor: So, Albert tell me about your early years.

Albert: A long time ago,we're talking centuries now, I thought I was quite a hot young rock. I had a lot of lava pumping through my veins. This used to get me into a lot of rubble.

Professor: In what way?

Albert: Scaring passers by for no particular reason, disappearing off my plinth for days at a time. Late nights at the Hard Rock Cafe drinking fossil fuel shakes and smoking brick-a-rettes. Dating mannequins. hat sort of carry on.

Professor: Tell me about your parents.

Albert: My father was a clever statue by the name of Albert Ian Stone. He was the first statue to split the pebble. He's been placed in some forgotten palace garden, covered with moss and overgrown with vines. I think he's sinking into the marsh.

 Professor: And your mother?

Albert: My mother crumbled when I was born.

Professor: Oh! I'm sorry.

Albert: I guess these things happen. I feel she's at peace now up there in the great Rock Pile in the Sky.

Professor: We've heard you may be filming.

Albert: We we're going to be shooting a movie called Basically Extinct co-staring Sharon Stone. But she was unavailable.

Professor: Shame.

Albert: Yes I thought with a name like Stone we couldn't go wrong.

Professor: And now?

Albert: Close Encounters of a Bird Kind!

Professor: Something to look forward to. The best of luck to you

Albert:  Thankyou! And Best of Boulders to you to.

Clients & Venues: Hilton Hotel; Associated Retailers; Melbourne Food and Wine Festival; Pratt Industries; Ken Muston Auto-Shepparton; South Melbourne Market; Lend Lease Property Management; Lanteri Partners; Australia Post; Royal Melbourne Show; Australian Tourism; Floriana; Julius Marlow Shoes; Southland Shopping Precinct; Chadstone Shopping Precinct; Minter Ellison; The AGE; ANZ Bank; Tourism Victoria; Ballarat University; Deakin University; Private Functions; Birthdays and many more. Venues: Pollywoodside; Melbourne Exhibition Centre; Hilton Hotel; Grand Hyatt Melbourne; National Gallery; World Congress Centre; Windsor Hotel; Travelodge; Carlton Crest Hotel; Melbourne International Flower Show; Rialto Towers; Stock Exchange; Festivals; Edinburgh Festival; Singapore; River Buskers Festival; Halifax Festival; Christchurch Buskers Festival.

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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