Brasil Topazio Brazil
Location: Brisbane And Sydney
Country: Australia

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 Performing spectacular dances to all the beats you just cannot resist. Spicy rhythms from Brazil, Cuba, South America and Latin America.

Let the Drummers demonstrate the hot pulsating rhythms of Brazil with their energy paced live drumming that keeps the rhythms pounding & the dancers dancing. The beats of the Amazon jungle and a culture that has developed into an art form of its own. This dynamic ensemble will invigorate your guests with their high energy performances LIVE!

A Spectacular and Colourful Rio Carnivale Extravaganza where the show is an abundance of vibrant energy comprising of various exquisite dance numbers performed with an exciting and exotic display of colourful and beautiful feathered costumes straight from Rio De Janeiro.

Capoeira, the traditional African-Brazilian martial arts, involves unbelievable, breathtaking dance and acrobatic movement with the presence of music and song which nowadays we mix up with breakdancing and tricking. It is super HOT!

The magnificent colors, sensual sounds & movements of the Samba are further enlivened by rich passionate emotions, creating the unique carnival atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable experience which is BEAUTIFUL!

Brasil Topazio Brazil is recognized internationally as the global force of capoeira but in the new millennium it features a full representation of the Brasileiros Lifestyle incorporating Samba, Batucada, Salsa, Breakdancing, Olodum, Tango, Jungle and Bellydance to perform especially for you and your VIP guests in Brisbane and Sydney. 

Brasil Topazio Brazil has the following options available for you:

LOOK + STYLING = Either fully sexy authentic costumes or covered up conservative costumes. Both are beautiful.

THE CAST + TEAM = Either authentic Brazilian Latino cast or mixed Brazilian European Latino Asian exotic fusion. Both are beautiful.

LOCATIONS + BASE = Brisbane and Sydney. It is also possible to perform in other states but with travel expenses provided by the client for the team.

THE FORMAT + GENRE = Featured show performance only or Mixed featured show with party animation and audience interaction. Both are beautiful.

Brasil Topazio Brazil has also featured internationally on TV with J-Lo at Q'Viva live in Las Vegas and toured across the West End in London, The Palladium in New York and Broadway with Oba Oba while in Australia have also featured on hot TV shows The X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance plus music video clips for Mojada and Guy Sebastian. They ROCK! 

SMALL SHOWS for 15-20m (less than 100 guests)

  • 4 or 3 male capoeristas/live batucada drummers
  • 4 or 3 female samba dancers
  • 2 Latin/Salsa/Tango dancers (couple)

REGULAR SHOWS for 20-30m (standard 100 to 300 guests)

  • 5 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira and audience interaction (3M+2F)
  • 6 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira, olodum and audience interaction (3M+3F)
  • 8 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira, olodum, salsa and audience interaction (4M+4F)
  • 10 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira, olodum, salsa, tango, breakdancing and audience interaction (5M+5F)

DELUXE SHOWS for 40-60m (grand with more than 300 guests)

  • 12 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira, olodum, salsa, tango, breakdancing, bellydance and audience interaction (6M+6F)
  • 15 performers with batucada, samba, capoeira, olodum, salsa, tango, breakdancing, jungle, bellydance and audience interaction (7M+8F)
  • 20 performers with the absolute works and/or anything the client may desire (10M+10F)
  • 30 performers with the absolute works and/or anything the client may desire (15M+15F)

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Please kindly note and be advised that all Brasil Topazio Brazil show options above are based on the quickie format in-and-out showtime which means that performers will only arrive 30m prior to actual showtime to prepare, stretch and get ready to then perform and immediately soon after the show is finished, then leave and depart the venue together as a team.
So therefore if any clients request tech runs, pre-rehearsals at the venue, presentation briefings, roving around sessions, multiple spots and so forth, then such will most likely and highly possibly constitute additional extra charges for the client.

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