Chunky Custard
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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After performing to capacity crowds right across the country, now it's your turn to experience the power of the very big, the very huge, the very massive Chunky Custard and their explosive 70's and 80's show. Chunky's one of a kind look ( not to mention sound ), has inspired an international cult following.

A star-studded musical extravaganza, complete with spectacular stage sets, dazzling costumes and a cast of sizzling stars which include:

  • Neil Dime a Dozen
  • Suzi Cointreau on Ice
  • The Village Idiots
  • Billy Icehole
  • Whamming it up with George and that other guy
  • John Paul Well Hung
  • John Revolting & Olivia Neutron Bomb ( Grease Spectacular
  • Frankenfootlong and the Rocky Horror Show
  • Those Dancing Queen's from Sweden
  • Patrick Swaybar in Dirty Filthy Dancing
  • Mean Gene and the explosive KISS off
and much, much more... an Extravaganza not to be missed.

CHUNKY CUSTARD - The show, the party band, the zany 70's and 80's extravaganza. Chunky Custard are a professional musical and theatrical Rock Cabaret Show Band. The band performs the classic music hits of the 70's and 80's. Chunky Custard is one of Australia's most successful show bands. The band has been entertaining audiences of all ages for more than nine years. Major events, clubs, corporate functions and festivals all over Australia have taken advantage of the acts wide appeal including:
  • Australian Formula One Grand Prix
  • Indy Car Festival
  • Tamworth Country Music Festival
  • P & O Fairstar
  • The Gold Coast Show
  • Channel 7 Community Achievement Awards
  • Ayers Rock Residents Club
  • Trotting Interdominion Final Race Spectacular
  • Alice Springs Cup Ball
  • Burswood Casino - Perth
  • Schutzenfest
  • Lassiters Casino - Alice Springs
  • Darwin Casino
  • North Melbourne Football Club Breakfast
  • Adelaide Football Club 1997 Grand Final Victory Family Concert
  • Australia Day Concert
  • Melbourne Cup ( Race Eve Concert )
  • Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Tea Tree Gully Civc Park Spectacular
  • Twin Towns Services Club
  • Boy Scouts Jamboree
  • Broken Hill St Patricks Race Day
  • Old Mill Hahndorf Christmas Season 1997 ( 10 Shows SOLD OUT )
  • Hotel Adelaide International Christmas Season 1998 ( 15 Shows SOLD OUT )
  • Seagulls Rugby Leagues ClubI
and many, many more. A list of companies employing Chunky Custard to provide entertainment for their corporate dinner and functions include:
  • Shell Australia
  • McDonalds
  • Lend Lease
  • Franklins Supermarkets
  • UTAG
  • Young Presidents Organisation
  • South Australian Submarine Corporation
  • American chamber of Commerce
  • Finnancial Planners Association
  • NSW Grocery Association
  • Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority
  • Gerard Industries
  • Mitsubishi
  • Philip Morris
  • National Australia Bank
  • Qantas Australia
  • New Crest Mining
  • Bianco Hardware
  • Licensed Clubs Association
  • Gribbles Pathology
  • Optus Vision Cable Television
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Boral Gas Company
  • BHP
  • Coca Cola
  • Santos name a few, plus hotels, clubs and theatres Australia wide. MARKET APPEAL:
Chunky Custard is known for their user friendly qualities which are guaranteed to liven up audiences of all ages and walks of life - with many remembering the event when other nights are long forgotten.

Chunky Custard's revival 70's and 80's show brings back to life the popular hits made famous all over the world such as...
  • Abba:   Mamma Mia, Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Ring Ring
  • Village People: Ymca, Macho Man, Can't Stop the Music
  • Greeeeeease Show:  Greased Lightning, You're the One that I want
  • Rocky Horror:  Timewarp, Sweet Transvestite
  • Meat
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