Circus & Magic - The Quizzical Mr Jeff
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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WINNER of Weekly Best Circus at Perth Fringe World 2019!! 

Melbourne Magic Festival ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE Award 2019

Mr Jeff is a highly skilled and slick entertainer he brings a classy act with a definite WOW factor!

Floating crystal balls, optical illusions, 6 foot balloon, Hat Juggling, Flying cane, and Light Production are just some of his skillsets, As a stage act at a corporate function, private event or Festival this performer will add an amazing WOW factor!  
He also offers a STUNNING LED Suit as a roving character. He becomes a walking starfield, absolutely dazzling to behold!

Open your imagination this with The Quizzical Mr Jeff. This playful fusion of circus and magic is perfect for corporate events or families and people of all ages, Guaranteed to create unforgettable moments. 

Dazzling skills, showmanship and charm will leave you delighted, amused and utterly bamboozled!! The enchanting world of The Quizzical Mr Jeff awaits!!


Reviews - Get the inside scoop from those who have seen it!!                        



“There were many ‘laugh out loud’ moments in this super fun show that is definitely great for the whole family” Eventalaide 




“Jam packed with action and wondrous feats” Drew Ames                



“One of a kind and definitely worth seeing, if not for the magic, then for the undoubtedly fun time you’ll have” Fringe Feed



“Humorous onstage antics and polished circus skills” Fringe Review


“Draw-dropping illusions and many laughs as The Quizzical Mr Jeff put on a show to remember “ Adelaide Food Centeral


“Very clever show that delights and excites” Sweetly Quirky kitty


"One of the best performers I have seen in Aus. Don't miss out on being entertained by his charisma and creativity."

"Fantastic show! great magician/ illusionist! I'd love to see the show again!! "


"Saw this show as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival and it was brilliant! He’s a talented performer and illusionist and the giant balloon had me in absolute stitches which doesn’t happen that often!"

Fantastic show today which had the kids and myself laughing out loud and still talking about it 3 hours later. Those magic glass balls and the ballon were definite favourites. Thankyou for sharing your awesomeness!"


" Mr Jeff is a multi talented performer with impressive skills and put on a wonderful show for his audience. Amongst the magical marvels"


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