Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Haven't been to a good dance for a while?  Clandestiny is 3 piece dance band specialising in called and taught dances in the Scots Ceilidh and Bush Dance styles.  We have not one but 2 dance teachers/callers and thus have a very large dance repertoire which can be tailored to suit either novices or experienced dancers.  And if the dancers run out of steam we can change tack and draw from our 2 vocalist's repertoires which encompasses not only traditional songs, but more modern middle of the road, country, 60's etc. covers.  We are Peter on accordion, vocals, guitar and dance calling, Maggie on fiddle and dance calling, and Richard on guitar and vocals.

We're all on the wrong side of 50, i.e. still with enough life in us to play lively music all night, but of course we also have the experience to know how to tailor what we do to every differing occasion. 

Summary Time Price
Price given correct for Melbourne. Country locations subject to negotiation. Up to 4 hours - Usual proportion of this time on stage is 40 minutes on and 20 off, but of course we work with your needs. Weddings of course have their own timetable. Start From $1,150.00 Send Enquiry