Daredevil Fire Show
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

Travel Information:

* No additional travel fees if travelling within 1 hour of Sydney

* Canberra, Melbourne will be $250 per car (petrol allowance)

* If staying overnight, minimum 3 star accomodation required for performers

* Contact for any custom arrangement

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Heat up your next corporate or major event and prepare for the unseen! A fire breathing and fire twirling act like no other, the Daredevil Fire Show will have you on the edge of your seat from the first flame that ignites.

Show Includes:

  • Fire Breathing Routines
  • Fire Eating, Skin Crawling 
  • Synchronised Fire Acrobatics 
  • Fire Sword Routines 
  • Dragon Staff Twirling 
  • Clothes on Fire  (optional)
  • Fire Jets 
  • Fire Stunts  
  • Fire Choreography to Music Cues 
  • Fireworks (optional) 

We hold all necessary permits and Pyrotechnic licenses to meet strict obligations of various venues, such as The Star, Sydney. Site inspections and event management is fully provided.

Stage Setup: 6 x 7 meters, 6 meters height

Theme Costumes: Choice of Australia Day colours, Black formal, White Formal, Gothic, other

Music:  Mainstream Commercial, High Energy Mix

Show Announcement: Traditional Announcement, otherOnly the best fire talent in Australia has been curated to design this spectacle, ready to plug and play at your event.


Some Previous Clients

Corporate - Harvey Norman, AUMAKE

RSL's - Junior's Kingsford

Festivals - Cabramatta Moon Festival, Easter  Show


Client Examples

  •  ‘GI Joe’ premiere
  • Sydney Festival
  • Nova 969
  • The Morning Show
  • The Star
  • Channel V
  • Sony FIFA Fan Fest
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Thursday Night Live, One HD
  • Welcome Home Parade, 2012 Olympics
  • Red Rooster
  • Lonsdale
  • Telstra
  • National Rugby League games
  • Australia Hip Hop Championships, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Twilight Parade
  • Looze Control
  • Fat Pizza
  • Maximum Choppage
  • Sydney Latin Festival
  • Glebe Street Festival
  • Brisbane Vietnamese Festival

Our show has been audited by licensed pyrotechnicians, to cover all safety and venue obligation requirements. We have existing relations with many high profile venues, here are the steps to ensure client side:

Venue Approval: Customer is required to collect requirements from chosen venue, to then provide. We will complete all necessary documentation and risk assessments by our licensed pyrotechnician (if applicable)


- Audience: To eliminate this hazard, performers are required to twirl and/or breathe at minimum 2 metres away from the crowd.

- Surrounding objects: To eliminate this hazard, performers are required to twirl and/or breathe at least 2 metres away from objects which may be hazardous (i.e. chairs, tables, plastics, lights, flammable objects)

Ceiling/Chandelier: We do not permit fire twirling if the ceiling is 3 metres or less Series of Events Australia do not permit fire breathing if the ceiling is 4 metres or less

Minimum performance space preferred is approximately 6 metres x 6 metres


- Fuel on the floor (post/during performances): Due to the use of fuel on the fire equipment as well as fire breathing, the fuel is more than likely to get on the floor and as a result causes the floor to become slippery. Clean towels and/or a mop are kept on the side of the stage to ensure that no slips or falls occur.




Summary Time Price

Fire Breathing, Twirling, Stunts and extra Routines

30 MINS Start From $4,375.00 Send Enquiry

Fire Breathing, Twirling, Dragon Staff, Team Based Stunts

20 MINS Start From $3,750.00 Send Enquiry

Fire Breathing, Dragon Staff and Extra Team Stunts

15 MINS Start From $3,125.00 Send Enquiry

Fire breathing and Twirling Stunts

10 MINS Start From $2,500.00 Send Enquiry

Synchronised dual fire performers for smaller performances

7 MINS Start From $1,250.00 Send Enquiry