First Class Mime
Location: Tullamarine, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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What he lacks in words, the Mime makes up in movement.

Rod Lara is a first class mime. Skilled and experienced. Bringing this delighfully silent character elements of clown and perhaps a few dancing sequences. The Mime will astounish the audience with his hilarious antics and, most often, breakdancing skills.

This character can be tailored to your event/function, wether it'd be black-tied, French themed, etc...

Aside from roving work, the Mime has delighted adult and children alike with his one mime shows that has the right touch of vintage. The one mime shows can be enjoyed with either backing music or live accompaniment!

Rod Lara is an actor, physical comedian, mime artist, clown, filmmmaker and visual artist - there's nothing this multi-talented performer can't turn his unique abilities to.

With a career spanning 15 years, Rod Lara has been hailed as a "Master of physical comedy and characterization". Rod strives to push the envelope with his unique brand of comedy, utilizing the skills of physical comedy, circus arts, mime and dance. He may perform in silence, but it's the audience who are left speechless!

Trained in the circus arts, as well as holding a degree in Film & Television from the Victorian College of the Arts. Rod's knowledge in these fields has helped in undertaking his very own prolific productions.

Experienced performer in both stage and screen. Rod Lara's Mime even appeared in the 2013 Great Debate as Paul McDermott's mime double.

In 2014, Rod wrote and performed "Last Mime Standing" for both the 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival and 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival with great reception from audience and critics alike.

Since 2016, Rod has performed with Phil Carroll in their 'French Music & Mime' show to various schools around Victoria where French culture is taught through music (Phil) and mime routines (Rod)

Recently appeared on Carlton Cold TV ad and comedian Jude Perl's latest music video 'Contagious'.

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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