FX HIP HOP Dancers Melbourne
Location: Melbourne Victoria, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Melbourne's most entertaining Hip Hop and Break Dancers.

LED Light-up costumes Optional!

Melbourne Hip Hop dancers and break dancers. Ideal for corporate events that are looking for energy and a WOW factor.

Weddings, Birthday parties, Corporate functions, Product launches.

Hip hop dance sensation FX Hip Hop, is Melbourne's most saught after commericial funk, break dance and corporate Hip hop dance crew so book FX HIP HOP Today! 

 Our performers are amazing and will have you in awe with their spectacular acrobatic break dance moves and ostentatious choreography.

FX Hip Hop Show have performed at countless corporate events and Private functions. Some to mention: International DJ 'Sash' back up dancers Aus tour, Backup dancers for support Act  'Eve' Australia Tour, Support Act For Jessica Malbouy 'Eyeball', Support Act for  International Act 'Plutarhos', Donald Trumph's Australian Conference, Herbalife's Product Launch, Lorraine Lea's Product launch, New Balance's Fashion Parades Melbourne and Sydney, Sketches Fashion Parades, Dancers supporting Kahmal, and many more. 

Promote your product launch, High light your activation or simply Get your party started today with FX hip hop!! Your guests will experience what it is like to be a professional dancer for the evening with our entertaining dance competition, and our witty MC's. Guests will be swept away by the diverse dancers as most of our gorgeous gals have all dance styles experience and have been professional cheerleaders. As for our fellas, they are all fabulous hip hoppers and breakers who bring an amazing vibe to the whole evening.  Our set show is 6 minutes long, and is suitable for parties and corporate events. Our professional choreographers can also devise routines specific to your needs. The length of our shows can be altered according to what you want or can afford.

We can also work with you to design a show or routine specific to your launch or event.

“Was such a fun night and the guys were a big hit. Appreciate your help getting this organised.Cheers” Janine, Private Function. 


  • Hip Hop Shows
  • Break dance Shows
  • Suggested number of artists 2-15.


Australia’s best break dancers, and Melbourne’s most talented commercial Hip Hop dancers; mixing up old-school popping and locking. FX Hip Hop incorporates glamorous professional female hip hop dancers and talented professional male break and hip hop dancers. FX Hip hop dancers love getting party guests involved in fun and funky dance battles. During the show, which includes break dance, acrobatics and craaaaaazy dancers, our team can include audience interaction to make the event one to truly remember.

FX Hip Hop will tailor a show to suit your corporate event  or small intimate affairs.

PRIVATE FUNCTIONS: 4 artists are ideal.

Want a birthday party, private party, Christmas Party or Wedding to remember, book FX HIP HOP today! Let us know who you would like to see up and dancing like crazy, and we will see to it! Get your cameras ready!

Get the birthday boy or bride and groom up to learn some old-school '80s break dance moves! Our dancers will have them up and dancing and having a fabulous time! Not only are our professional hip hop and break dancers amazing at what they do, they have huge personalities too!  We will have your guests up and battling by the end of the show- who doesn’t love a dance battle? We will make sure you have a great night to remember. We recommend 2-4 performers for private functions.

BREAKDANCERS: 2-3 artists suggested

We also offer a pure break dance show. The guys will come out and dance for 2 x songs back to back OR ONE song twice within an hour call time.

CORPORATE EVENTS: 6-10 artists suggested

Our Breakers and Hip Hop dancers are reliable, professional, punctual and very experienced.

These performers are well known on the international break dance scene and perform and judge breakdance championships internationally. Our female performers are highly sought after hip hop performers who are friendly and well known in the corporate and club scenes, so our performers can bring “street” to your corporate event and still maintain the raw edge that is required within hip hop performances.

We can provide pure breakers, 80s or 90s hip hop shows or just a vibrant and uplifting hip hop performance tailored to suit your event- to commercial songs that are well known for being motivational and energetic. We recommend 6-8 performers for corporate events.

Just let us know which one interests you the most and we will supply it. Our dancers are brilliant, energetic, fun, interactive, have lots of personality, and are with out a doubt, the best in the business!!! Get ready for flips and crazy acrobatics, and gorgeous, sexy female dancers! FX Hip Hop only work with amazing, vibrant, professional dancers and we know how to entertain! This is what we do!

Book for your function! We'll get the party started!

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