Impro Comedy Show - The Confidence Men
Location: Reservoir , Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The driving force behind our entertainment is ensuring you and your company have a great experience.

My team and I are fun loving, professional improvisors dedicated to creating a unique comedic entertainment experience.


The joy of improvised theatre ensures that the show we perform for you is completely customized and unique to YOU, It will have never been seen by anyone else... and it will never be seen again!


We’re corporate friendly and believe in clean entertainment, our shows are just goodhearted, quick-witted, professional fun! 


Designer Comedy Show


A 'designer' show - designed by the audience….your audience, from your company 


Ideas and suggestions are taken from the audience throughout the show ensuring the performers create the material at exactly the same time as the audience sees it.


These ideas are immediately incorporated into a series of short scenes and treated with a variety of theatrical genres creating a comedic light hearted way of celebrating the success of your business, its administration, and the people involved.


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