Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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We create sensational music and killer harmonies for pubs, clubs, weddings, parties etc.

Madllips is 3 guys who really know how to play music and entertain a crowd.

We have been playing together for a number of years, played hundreds of gigs and regularly get asked back for more. Because we are a guitar band that use a drum machine we can play at any volume from the smallest to the largest venue.

Have a listen to our demo and hear for yourself. To listen to the Demo, click on hte Media Tab.

We are a tight punchy combo that has been playing the Melbourne music scene for the past 5 years. Prior to this we worked in various bands around town and have an exceptional amount of experience behind us.

For those of you who think sequencing is important (although, we can still make music even if there was a power blackout !!). We use sequencing for the drum-beat which means that we can play in any situation with full instrumentation at the volume that you want. Anywhere and anytime that you want real music with variety, for a reasonable price, at the volume that YOU want, we can do the job.

If you need only a DUO for a quiet coffee shop or bistro, Pat and Ken can provide either acoustic/acoustic or acoustic/electric music. If you want more uptempo music for people to dance to we can provide that as a two or three piece band. Virtually ANY situation can be catered for, and if you have a look at our venue list below you will see that we have played in just about all of them. We cover an enormous variety of music and styles, from lay back middle of the road music, to high powered and hard edged rock.

The line up of the band is:
Pat Madigan - Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica Ken Phillips - Electric & acoustic guitar, back up vocals Rick Evans - Bass guitar, back up vocals

We can play quietly for your restaurant or bistro. We can play easy listening music during the meal at your wedding. We can play well known 60's and 70's songs that everyone can sing and dance to, and of course we can cut loose with high energy, hard edged rock.

MADLLIPS has played many venues around Melbourne as well as country Victoria. We have played at clubs, pubs, parties, weddings, bistros and restaurants. Anywhere you want REAL and LIVE music we can provide an extraordinary mixture of songs. 

MADLLIPS is basically a trio.
We incorporate the sounds of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar. By using a sequenced drum machine we can totally control the volume. However the skills of the Kats doesn't end there !! We have an accomplished drummer, harmonica player and percussionists as well.

The Kats have been playing for many years and have played a considerable amount of gigs including weddings, corporate functions and many pub gigs. Individually the members of the Kats have worked in such bands as:

  • The Shakers
  • Wild Life
  • The Fabs
  • White Line
  • The Jetsons
  • Silent Partner
  • ...and the list goes on.

Pat Madigan - Main vocalist, acoustic guitarist and mouth harp

Ken Phillips - Electric and acoustic guitarist, backing harmonies, mouth harp and percussion

Rick Evans - Bass guitarist, backing harmonies, guitars and drums when required.

We have played at weddings, parties, clubs, socials, presentation nights and many other types of functions.

The Songs

  • Adelaide ~ Paul Kelly
  • Afraid of the dark ~ Robert Cray
  • Ain't no sunshine ~ Bill Withers
  • American Pie ~ Don McLean
  • April Sun ~ Dragon
  • Bad Moon Rising ~ CCR
  • Before you accuse ~ Eric
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