Magic Minded
Location: Sydney, National And Worldwide
Country: Australia

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Being a big hit in Europe, Magic Minded is now in Australia. With appearances in 18 countries and broadcasted over 75, Magic Minded is a must see! Just the energy and inspiration your audience needs on Business Functions, Trainings, Conferences and Corporate Events.

Professional Business "Entertrainment"

Do you want to achieve the impossible?
Do you want to be inspired?
Do you want to get the best out of you?
It's all possible with Magic Minded.

Magic Minded interweaves a fascinating story about the daily dynamics of modern life with magic. Jan van Kammen carries you away in the humourous and surprising world of illusions, a world where everything is possible. Magic Minded encourages you to start thinking 'out of the box' and to come up with solutions from a magical point of view. Everything is possible according to the lively and interesting Magic Minded shows from Jan van Kammen. In his presentations (ranging from 15 to 60 minutes) he illustrates the daily themes of the work place that we all experience. Who doesn't have to deal with making decisions, managing change, and achieving personal goals and corporate growth? While Jan talks about topics such as 'turning ideas to reality'; 'letting go of old habits'; and 'being open to new challenges', he creates a remarkable show combined with magical illusions. The audience has no chance for daydreaming, being visually amazed and inspired by the challenges and triumphs of daily life. This might be just the push you need, to make that change.

Challenge your audience
There are so many training seminars today where the audience becomes bored. That's why Magic Minded is an attention grabbing experience. It's all about listening, being challenged, actively participating and having fun. You get the chance to learn the art of magic yourself and experience what it's like to make the impossible, possible. This interactive show will be a day to remember. Does your company have a clear vision and do you want to carry that out to your staff? Than Magic Minded is the keyfactor for a successful day.

Customised Entertrainment
Magic Minded offers a rich ensemble of inspiring messages intertwined with magical tricks and illusions. Jan van Kammen always includes the client's corporate visions and ideas. With this customised concept, Magic Minded assures that your own message comes across in a clear and visual way. Jan has over ten years of experience as a corporate performing artist and has helped many companies improve their business, listening to their needs and incorporating this into his performance.

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