Michael Johnson
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Michael Johnson is a highly respected musician who has been composing, recording and performing music since 1978. He is the instigator of Lyrebird Music, a Melbourne-based music cooperative whose aim is to compose and perform original and beautiful music which uplifts both the soul and the spirit. Michael play various instruments but is probably best known for his work on the folk-harp. His concerts and recordings feature this instrument but also include percussion, Guitar, Piano, didgeridoo and various classical instruments.

His compositions are regularly aired on national radio and television. He has performed alongside an eclectic combination of artists such as KATE CEBRANO, VICTORIA STATE OPERA, THE MELBOURNE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, and as a guest artist on GRAHAM GOBLE's (Ex. LITTLE RIVER BAND) latest album. He has worked at the Gawler Foundation for many years, providing his tranquil music to aid the meditative work there. He is currently working on his fifth recording which, he hopes, will continue to soothe and inspire his listeners.

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