A Vivid Performance Group
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Country: New Zealand

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A Vivid Performance Group is a dance and multimedia show based in New Zealand who creates one of the most breathtaking shows, combining high energetic dance routines, neon glowsuits, multiple projections, laser technology, and digital style graphics. The spectacular costumes and multimedia content, gives performances for high-production value corporate events.

The Show’s performances are visually arresting shows, displaying stunning sci-fi computer graphics, striking glow suits and a whole new way of expressive dancing. The company makes unique performances for every client based around the theme, product and staging layout. 
Vivid Performance Group is integrated by a talented pool of 3d artists, designers, video compositors and editors who have been working and touring together since 2001. They have performed in countries such as , , , , , , and .

Vivid Performance Group has astonished audiences with a symbiosis of sound, technology, live dance performance.  Their experience of the events is heightened by proximity to and interaction with the live generation and manipulation of movement, sound and light. 

The company’s focus is to provide a sense of ‘sci-fi’, using Micro-Controllers to sync the elements of dance, light, animation and sound. The result creates moments of disbelief and illusion, humanizing the cyber world.
Vivid Performance Group  has a great repertoire of mini shows which don't require power or lights, all is required are dark places with an audience.¬ The shows usually range in size from two to twenty dancers. The group has a range of unique construction techniques to create striking props and to design or modify the neon suits to promote the client’s product.
The creative options are unlimited.


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