All Flavours
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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The boys have performed with Puff Daddy, Selwyn, Shakaya, Sugarbabes, Naughty by Nature, danced at Fame, NYE Millennium Darling Harbour, 2Day FM, Rumba,Today Show, Cool Room, ABC News, Sydney Kings, Y2K, NRL series of matches, Fiesta, Loco dance parties and Redfest.  They have also represented Australia in the World Hip Hop Championships last June 2000, in Belgium and have appeared in Coke, Toyota, KFC, Mitsubishi, McDonalds and Levi’s TVC’s amongst others. 

The posse can also feature special female funksters and DJ’s in the mix.  It is an absolute experience that will leave you breathless begging for more and will blow your mind into a full explosive performance like no other.  Expect all types of flips, flares, headspins, swipes, windmills and the most incredible bodywork ever experienced.  Our 7F boys, girls and special guests will not let you down.  Get ready to taste this new flavour. Choreographed and freestyle shows.

Available for any special event or business function.

The hippest hip-hoppest dance troupe yet. “All Flavours” was founded and created in 1992. The name represents the diverse multicultural backgrounds of the dancers and it also represents the many dance styles that it performs and execute. Their original fashion apparel and uniqueness was fundamental in putting “All Flavours” on the map. Their originality, freshness, coolness and spectacular dance displays is what has kept them active in the industry. A mixture of training and self-trained backgrounds brings the whole crew together into a massive explosion of energy. The dancers are very special individuals that express their emotions through their styles.

“All Flavours” features hip hop, funk, new jack, capoeira martial arts, breakdancing, acrobatics, street dancing and merengue beats. In Australia the dancers have performed with Puff Daddy, Proyecto Uno, Naughty by Nature, Whigfield, Black Eye Peas, Vengaboys, Vanesa Mae, Leon Lai, Leah Haywood, 2INS and Waldo Fabian.


Worldwide 'All Flavours" has performed in Dubai, Malta, London, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Egypt, Belgium, USA, Brazil, Spain, Malaysia and Australia.

“All Flavours” combine fashion with dance. They perform a truly amazing family show that will mesmerize your appetite for dance and will inspire all the young generation into doing their homework and re-discovering the positive nature of sports.

Very sharp and tight funky dance routines with a spark of freestyle into the dance is what best describes this dance phenomenom that “All Flavours’ will bring to you. It is fun. It is wicked.

Throughout Australia the dancers have appeared on the top 40 shows such as The Today Show, The Cool Room & Room 208. They have also been special guests at The Daily Telegraph and 3D World. In the fashion-dance concept they have represented Calvin Klein, Ugly Tribe, Nike, Ecko, Adidas, Klue, BUM Equipment, Glue, Massive, Wedge, Ken Done, Hang Ten and Quicksilver.


Street funk is today the most popular club and teenage dance style that the world practices way ahead of jazz and ballroom. Hip hop is a way of expressing and communicating yourself. It has graduated into an artform of its own. It will live forever.


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