Bollywood Dancers
Location: Sydney Nsw, From Sydney And Available To Travel If All Expenses Are Paid For
Country: Australia

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The magic, the beautiful sensual rhythms to make you shiver down your spine and the exotic upbeat musicales that will make your moment simply unforgettable!
Just returned fresh from Bollywood in Mumbai, and opportunity to book Joshinder & Khalid in a not to be missed event – “The Bollywood Show”
Or subject to availability also incorporating The Guru giving free sexual advice plus the Wilmoth Bollywood Pivot Dancers, hot and sexy!
Experience exotic traditional costumes, with a touch of contemporary, up-tempo happening music, sexy moves, cheeky suggestions and Joshinder & Khalid perform their amazing Bollywood duet.
 We will make you laugh with this incredibly expressive dance form, we will make you intrigued, we will get you involved, and the surprises won’t stop.
 There can be a solo performances by Joshinder, semi traditional and exquisite. There can also be a dynamic and powerful duet. Khalid can even MC and fill you in on some of the history and background of what is Bollywood. There can also be time for the audience to get up and join us on the dance floor to the Bollywood version of ‘Hot Hot Hot’ or any other happening Bollywood tune. There can even be a crash course for a few lucky couples in Bollywood.
Our preferred suggested package is:
4 performers
20-30 minutes meet & greet welcoming
Guru guy will be giving free massages to people
1 girl will be in a magical corner on her own a lo Indian Barbie style
2 bubbly girls being bubbly and dancing though guests and saying Chalo Australia!
3 x 5 minute spots being:
1 Theatrical Bollywood Solo Number {F}
1 Bollywood Love Story Duet Number {M+F}
1 Funky Bollywood Trio Number {F}
Plus finale getting people dancing along with us and MC Chicken Tikka Masala {Khalid} getting the party started right.
This package promises to be a night full of fun, sexy moves, happy moments, laughs and who knows?aybe even special surprises.
 If your friends and other fellow associate companies have been engaging the same entertainment over and over and you feel the need of something new, fresh, exciting, innovative, different, wicked, trendy and inspiring?
Khalid Malik is the host of TV Show 'Chalo Australia' and regular host of 'Indian Link' radio his beautiful Joshinder currently features on Station ID's for Channel W and SBS.
 Bollywood is all about the glam! Book our Bollywood Show now!
We do not perform at weddings or private functions unfortunately. We only do corporate events!
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