Burlesque Cabaret Dancers Melbourne
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Country: Australia

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Burlesque Cabaret Styled Dancers Melbourne


Cabaret and Burlesque

Are you looking for a complete evening of entertainment? Looking for some cheeky interactive cabaret entertainment? We can offer you anything from a single element to a full evening of entertainment with our cabaret singers, dancers and roving costumed burlesque and cabaret themed dancers.

Book either just the Burlesque show, “Cabaret Soubrette” or book our full evening of Cabaret, complete with singers, dancers, and interaction.

Cabaret Soubrette

Our Glamorous burlesque dance show, Cabaret Soubrette is vibrant and flirtatious and can be performed with or without live interactive singing. Combining music from ‘Burlesque’, the film, with numbers inspired by vintage Colombian and American styled burlesque, our cabaret inspired dance and singing show is jazzy, cheerful, interactive and energetic. Although our show is burlesque inspired, we steer clear of traditional burlesque unveiling and instead we take a theatrical and cabaret approach to the style. Our costuming is still “Show girl” attire as seen in our examples given. This is an approximately 10 minute show and has numerous costume changes. 15-20 minutes approx with a Singer.

Reasons to book this show concept

·         Showgirl costuming is always impressive and looks fantastic in photos, especially if you request booking the artists to meet and greet your guests as people arrive, allowing for additional costuming such as large feather head pieces, Isis wings or back feathers.

·         With a cast of both males and females, you are offering something fantastic to look at for both genders and yes our fellas can be decorated in feathers also!

·         If you want a show that is sassy and flirtatious, with glimmering two piece costuming, this is the show for you

·         If you are looking for a fun and interactive dance show with good looking dancers, this is a great show for your event. This line of dance and singing show works especially well for intimate functions that want to be involved in the show, so the cast can come up personally and tickle you with a feather fan or two!

·         Ideal for corporate companies who are not conservative and adore a little adult humour and fun.

·         This show can be performed in small venues with a small cast or large venues with a big cast. A variation of this show can be booked by clients with a modest budget with a cast as small as 2 or 3.


“''Thank you again for last night!! Absolutely phenomenal - love love loved it!! Would hands down recommend .... And the Burlesque act was to die for!!! So HOT!!'' Private event, Bobby McGees.


An evening of Cabaret.

Why not make an evening of entertainment? We can offer an interactive jazzy female vocalist serenading (whilst simultaneously sweetly heckling) your unsuspecting guests upon arrival, whilst our show girls rove the event taking photos and welcoming your guests into an evening of Cabaret. This evening of entertainment also includes various song and dance spots from our dancers and an interactive suave male vocalist. Featuring music from Chicago the musical, Burlesque, Cabaret, Michael Buble, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and more, we will have your guests up and dancing, laughing interacting and captivated, all over a 3-4 hour period.

Reasons to book this show

·         An evening of Cabaret will entertain your guests from the moment they arrive until last drinks.

·         If you are running a ticketed event, this type of entertainment is ideal. You can sell the evening of entertainment and fill the house, knowing you have professional entertainment for your guests over 3-4 hours of your evening, complete with breath-taking ever-changing costuming, a glamorous and attractive cast, and artists with that cabaret interactive adult humor and flair.

·         This is also ideal for an awards evening that may want to break up the evening with various spots of entertainment in between awards blocks. The artists will be yours for the full 3-4 hours, maintaining your guests interest for the evening.

·         This show is ideal for people wanting to be involved in the entertainment. People who want to get up at the end of the evening and ‘Sway’ with our male vocalist, or take photos with our show girls. People who want to sing along with our interactive cabaret styled singers. People who enjoy being surprised by the sweet random caress of our anything but shy female vocalist. If this is you, then this is the show for your event!

·         It does appeal to an older age group due to the show content, music from Chicago and Michael Buble, the Beatles and Amy Winehouse covers, we often find people singing along! This show is also great for a middle-aged demographic also due to the musical content from The Great Gatsby and Burlesque the film.

·         Ideal for intimate event spaces so the cast can reach people easily, restaurants and medium sized event spaces.



Client to provide: Stage / performance area, Production / PA with input for Ipod, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue

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