Cabaret De Paris
Location: Melboure,Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The World Famous Paris Show   

"Experience all the magic of a lavish French Cabaret Show like no other ­ be enthralled by the beauty of dancers, the magic of the music and the spectacular array of international guest artists.
 Don't miss your chance to fall under the charm of the former star of Moulin Rouge ­ Marissa Burgess, the legendary showgirl and the toast of Paris for the most famous cabaret in the world.
 Gorgeous dancers draped in exquisite feathers, sequins, rhinestones and jewels (that cover barley anything), world-class variety artists, brilliant lighting and sets will take you all the way to Paris.
 A never before seen spectacular of old-fashioned showgirl glamour mixed with aerial artists, pole dancers, circus acts, magicians, illusionists and of course the famous French can can dancers!
 This is 90 minutes of pure Paris spectacle that you will never forget ­ a show that plays tribute to the most famous cabarets in France, all rolled in to one dazzling revue." 

Starring our International Performers:
Marisa Burgess
After a record length stint in Paris, the real-life star of MR is now in Australia to finally perform for her home audience. Don't miss your chance to fall under the charm of this legendary showgirl, the toast of Paris and the international image of the most famous Cabaret in the world.
Our high calibre dancers sourced from Melbourne’s top dance agencies all are seasoned professionals working on the worlds leading stages including; Lido - Paris , Moulin Rouge – Paris, Tokyo Disneyland,
Inspired by Harry Moulin and performed by the Rouge Dancers.... Not really, however you will really enjoy this Amazing show 
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