Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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JUSE CREW was founded, born and established in the year 2000.
JUSE CREW is the original b-boy network and base dance crew for many of the top breakdancing individuals and street dance freestylers who exist in Australia and have migrated offshore.
JUSE CREW has strong alliances with other hot b-boy dance crews such as "SKB' plus they even also provide the core back-bone to global celebrity dancers team "7 Flavours"  
JUSE CREW is truly one of the most accomplished b-boy street dance freestyle and breakdancing squads within the hip hop art form. A genuine family crew with a passion!
JUSE CREW individual members have both performed and featured in television dance shows "Australias Got Talent" and "So You Think You Can Dance"
JUSE CREW are your true "Australian B-Boy Dance Champions" having already won numerous awards and championships across Australasia including Oz B-Boy, Sydney Festival, Bring It On & Shadow Wars.
JUSE CREW are the original first ever users of the "JC" intials and hand signals as their street dance crew signature in Australia.
JUSE CREW are now available to perform at corporate events, private weddings, television commercials, international tours, product launches, club shows, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Russian functions, Bollywood parties, Latino festivals, Asian celebrations and Multi-Cultural festivities and conventions.
JUSE CREW is based in Sydney but the dancers are available to perform anywhere within Australia and the world just as long all relevant travel expenses are paid for by the client.
JUSE CREW most recently in 2010 proudly celebrated their 10 Years Anniversary together as a fabulous team and humble dance family.
JUSE CREW represents the new school of dance flavour.
"Be Like Water, Always Keep the Flow" - Bruce Lee
BBOYING was always a hobby to JUSE CREW and next thing they knew is that they took it to the next level and turned it to something they love doing forever.

JUSE CREW has a wide range of members around the Australian scene. For example representing Melbourne they have Bboy Falkon, Representing New Zealand they have Bboy Gosh and representing Canada they have Bboy Creeasian who has love for the HIP HOP culture and representing Sydney of course are too many Bboys to mention including Rat, Khaly, Ngina, Darong, Patson, Jp, Kamikazi, Tri, Peter, Patzky, Hung, Chong, Jin, Baby E, Formiguinha and Cambo Pat amongst many others.
JUSE CREW also has even further and stronger international support by some of their members having worked with and received blessings from the likes of Supple aka 'The Dance Scientist' from Kryptic Movement in the UK, B-Boy Poe One from Style Elements Crew in the US and both Yannus and Manuela Oliveira currently based in Los Angeles but the list goes on and on.
JUSE CREW members are regular cast members of stage show "Dance Dance Dance" alongside World Salsa Champion Luda Kroitor and Australasian Salsa Champion Csaba Szirmai.
JUSE CREW members have also appeared on numerous television commercials, music video clips and dance variety television shows.
JUSE CREW represents the real deal in street dance.
"Dance because you feel it and not because you must"
JUSE CREW can perform freestyle sessions dance extravaganzas for any special event. All shows can last between 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many dance members you book.
JUSE CREW can also flip the script and adjust to a more dance interactive and atmosphere animation scenario working on and off with brakes in between during a 2 hours booking call.
JUSE CREW dance members can also specially teach your birthday person or celebrating child a dance routine during some pre-arranged private dance lessons for an extra charge to be done at a suitable time in your own home and then incorporate it within a choreographed dance routine making you the star of the show together with JUSE CREW live on stage. Then on the night of nights it will be a magical surprise to your guests.
JUSE CREW can rock the house in full style but if you perhaps prefer a full dance combo, then you can mix it up with STUDIO 11 Multi-Award Winning Dance Showgroup also available here through info@entertainoz.com.au and +61 3 9846 3999

Based in Sydney but available to travel anywhere if expenses paid for by the client

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