Perth Cheerleaders
Location: Perth
Country: Australia

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Got a big game, event or crowd that needs to be pumped and excited? Well our Cheerleaders are high energy, action-packed, stunning and with a wardrobe of cheer costumes to suit any event!

With a huge variety of traditional U.S. style costumes available as well as the option to customize brand-inspired/concept cheer-outfits for your launch, expo, pop-up or party these Cheerleaders are a must-have.

Cheerleaders are fantastic for:

·Roving entertainment


·Meet and greets

·High-energy dance shows

·Pop-up and Flash mop style events or

·Pumping up guests, crowds and punters to bring the noise and excitement to your events!


So Be excited! B–B–EXCITED! as your product or event explodes with colour and adrenaline as our cheerleaders… BRING IT ON!

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