Spontaneous Stunt Dancers
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Spontaneous Stunt Dancers taking flashmob performance to a whole new level. 

Dancers first enter the event as actors of any theme possible. Have the dancers gate crash your event as a hollywood film crew, turning your event into a film set or a Chinese theme, swinging Chinese Bo staffs and flattering there fans or a Great Gatsby theme gate crashing with Saxophones and flappers. What ever your stunt, we have it covered. 

Every Act will evolve into an ultimate flash dance performance, first surprising your guest leaving them on the edge of their seat wondering what is happening till the dance performance begins, leaving them with a spectacular show. 


Previous themes includes:

Great Gatsby, Suit Agents, Dancing Waiters,  Dancing Zombies, Chinese theme, Theatrical, Hollywood Film Crew, Dancing Soldiers and Smooth Corporate. 

Always keen to create more themes


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