Drags Aloud
Location: Melbourne And Travel Australia
Country: Australia

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" A unique, award winning Australian cabaret act.
  • Proven entertainment record.
  • Sell-out performances.
  • Comedy and Drag - a winning combination.
Sold out performances in New York (official off-Broadway shows), London, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festival.
Critical acclaim, review accolades and commercial success:
·         5 Star Reviews - Edinburgh, Melbourne & Adelaide
·         Winners of 3 Australian Rainbow Awards:
·         Directors Prize Melbourne International Comedy Festival
·         Forth Radio Fringe Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival
·         Opening act for Joan Rivers Australian Tour
" They're wonderful, they're entertaining, they're terrific. A great, great act. - Joan Rivers "


Drags Aloud presents all the colour and glamour, humour and spectacle that you expect from a truly entertaining and professional drag troupe.

Drags Aloud on Stage
As individual performers Drags Aloud entertain and amuse, dazzle and amaze. We bring solo, duo and trio options, or more if you wish.
Drags Aloud will invite you into a glamorous world of fantasy and imagination.
We can tailor our shows to suit each venue, and its show time requirements - and we deliver what the audience expects; a great show.
Our shows are presented to pre-recorded sound tracks, and the audience is invited into the performance to clap and sing along to a range of popular and accessible songs.
Drags Aloud are experienced hosts, comperes and public speakers. Solo, Duo, Trio or as large as your imagination allows you'll find Drags Aloud professional, dedicated, and entertaining.
Whether you're looking for a solo performer to "meet and greet with photo opportunities", or if you're after a "highlight of the night" large show presentation, Drags Aloud will bring you the best.


About Drags Aloud

Drags Aloud is the first Australian drag troupe to perform internationally and has to it's credit, seasons at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London's West End and an extended official off-Broadway season in New York.

Drags Aloud has extensive 4 and 5 Star reviews for its performances at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and at Melbourne's International Comedy Festival where it received a special mention and cash prize at the 2007 Director's Awards.

The troupe has extensive corporate entertainment experience and is a truly professional drag troupe.

Drags Aloud features glamorous 'showgirl' performances, comedy acts and professional hosting and stand-up segments. The troupe is based upon performance trios, but also accommodates duos and more expanded casts if required.

With international experience and professional dedication, Drags Aloud brings the best of drag entertainment to your event.

Client to provide:  Stage / performance area, Production / PA (according to rider), refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) ad parking close to venue

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