Salzza Dipp & Cherry Ripe
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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performers who loves to entertain people where ever they go, fabulous costumes, beautiful hair and makeup and last but not least the songs!! We do to perform top 40, 90's, 80's and old classics, you name it I sure can bring it! After a great laugh, I sure love to make people laugh with a joke or two so hard that they will be falling of their seats, so you better come ready or you may not be able to control yourself I’m sure!  The style of drag Salzza has a few tricks up her skirt! As does Cherry Rip!! 
So if you’re after a laugh and a great time you have come to the right place, Salzza  and Cherry Ripe can host and entertain your next even, party or corporate function here in melbourne, or all over Australia.  You sure have come to the right place!! 
Cherry Ripe is a well known performer throughout Australia and has had  people laughing and cheering at  many of her jokes and acts for over three decades .
Best known for working in Les Girls and supporting some of the biggest artists around town.
Also the Producer of "Queens of the desert" a sellout tour around western Australia and the success continues.
So Salzza and Cherry together will have you in stitches and laughter!! We bring the glam... great costumes, fun upbeat numbers and alot of fun at your next even. 

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