Location: Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast
Country: Australia

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I have always wanted to be an Artist & as a face painter I enjoy incorporating all of my passions in one.
My love of all arts, medium experimentation, people, fun and colour is just the beginning. I love the excitement of meeting people, being inspired by them & generating their party/gathering/event into a personal, unique & special occasion, full of laughter & delight.
From my experience as a face painter, I continuously savour the overwhelming transformation of individuals to characters, it’s amazing. Adults lose their inhibitions & become children again. Everyone laughs at each other in amazement & the gathering is effervescent. It’s often irresistible for one to take on the character I create. Scary monsters, beautiful fairies, bouncing bunnies & raging lions or tigers, all in the same room, it's hilarious.
I’m fun, friendly, outgoing, understanding & of an engaging nature & these characteristics tend to be right away evident via my honest open approach. I believe being able to paint a face is one thing; the gift of allowing another to trust & consent to your closeness & make over them is something extra.
  • I have always used only the best products and materials. Being; Aqua Colour and Tim Gratton paints.
  • Hygiene and respect for individuals is of high importance, as is my personal appearance & presentation.
  • Arriving early to a job and meeting & greeting my hosts is as important for them as it is for me.
  • The art of a face painter is a complete package of fun, laughter & adding something unforgettable to a party.
I grew up in Brisbane & am one of 7 children; our house was always busy with life & activity, usually chaotic, full of laughter & shenanigans & creativity. I used to dress up in clown outfits to host my siblings & cousins parties, I loved showing off, dressing up with the other kid's & making performances & dances for my parents (or whoever would watch). My father, an artist, studied Fine Arts at NSW University . He was my inspiration; he loves painting landscapes, creates wonderful caricatures, portraits, signage & revels in various forms of experimental art. I practised painting, drawing, & sculpture & won many colouring-in competitions from a young age. In Yr 12 I won a Self Portrait Competition for QATIS.
After school I travelled overseas to experience the diversity of life, love and culture; Gathering Inspiration that continues to generate my passion. During this time I worked in the hospitality industry in , England, Ireland & Scotland & met some great characters & long time friends.  
In 1999 I returned to where a good friend of mine introduced me to the art of face painting & the Children’s Entertainment Industry.  Since make up & painting were a way of life to me, it was a natural transition. Everything I loved, knew & had experienced came together to unleash the intrinsic creative talent that I had inside me. My hospitality work gave me the confidence to communicate with people on all levels. My retail experience gave me the cutting edge on fashion, trend & being with the party people. I am currently completing a Diploma of Interior Design which also assists me in designing more Ace Faces. I am always endeavouring to make your experience a positive, memorable & unique one.
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