Jo Tomlinson - Face Painting & Murals
Location: Mandurah, Perth
Country: Australia

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I have been drawing and painting all my life. A portrait artist in the UK, I emigrated to Mandurah five years ago where I evolved - after a TAFE course, into a muralist. Face painting my own children for fun to begin with, it became a party piece at friends' childrens parties until that too evolved into a profession! I also teach art to primary school children, and write and illustrate children's picture books - quite literally never without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand! I consider my style as different from the rest as I will happily cover arms with dragons and decorate cheeks with unicorns or dolphins, speedily reproduced in a fine art manner. Children have been known to insist on sleeping with forearms bandaged to preserve the artwork! I have a wonderful rapport with the children I paint, and none seem to mind a little wait as they are fascinated to watch me work. I use only the finest products; mainly Paradise AQ and Starblend. I am fully insured and hold a WWCC.
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