Rainbow Face Painting and Body Art
Location: Hornsby, Sydney
Country: Australia

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HI there, I am a face and body painter located in Sydney's north and available for bookings throughout Sydney and the Central Coast.


I have been face painting for 5 years now! I have always had an interest in painting and dressing up so I have embraced the whole face and body art scene with a passion.  With an interest in acquiring new skills and designs, I have undertaken several workshops with some amazingly talented face artists from Australia and Overseas, developing my own style and a long list of face designs - I try and make everyone a little different and special :)


I am just as happy to paint my take on the most popular designs like Spiderman, Batman, Princesses and Butterflies as the more unexpected requests like Dragons and Phoenixes... I tell the kids I can paint almost anything they can imagine.  Face painting to me is all about giving surprise and enjoyment - and the look on children and adults faces when they seem themselves transformed never gets old :) Although Face and Body art is a one-on-one style entertainment, I find it is common for crowds together behind me just to watch it all come together.

I am a mum of 2 boys and I have an easy rapport with children and love to paint all ages, I particularly enjoy winning over the tweens and teen boys and girls with funky arm designs like flower swirls, tribal dragons and graffitti-style tags.

As an experienced painter I know how to get the designs on fast and with WOW impact, the customers are just amazed at how quick I am!   This is great for getting through long queues and keeping everyone happy. 

I am fully insured and use only professional quality cosmetic grade paints and glitters, safe to the skin and eyes, light and easy to wear and easily washed off with water. Nothing thick, oily or peeling!

Rainbow Face Painting is able to organise teams of  talented artists to organise quality entertainment for large event crowds for example, a team of 15 entertainers for Target Kids Day Out 2012; The NRL Grand Finals in 2012 and again 2013.


Body Art is a lot of fun and is popular for theme nights, events and festivals, to capture a special time in their lives (an important birthday or pregnancy) or those that just want to break out and do something a little bit different and daring. Body art is a dynamic and exciting way to promote a product, launch or corporate event.  I am reliable, flexible and have plenty of ideas if you need them, and enjoy creating a unique concept that is just the look the client is looking for.  Many of my body paintings have won 'best dressed' at their events!


I am available during the week and on weekends, in fact any time by appointment.  Weekends and Holidays like Christmas do book up well in advance so book in early to avoid disappointment.


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